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What is Roofing woodwork?

This typically refers to the carpentry work involved in constructing and installing wooden components of a roof, such as trusses, rafters, and decking. This includes the design, cutting, shaping, and assembly of wooden elements to form the framework and support structure for the roof. Roofing woodwork plays a crucial role in ensuring the structural integrity, stability, and durability of the roof.

WESTCOAST ROOFING SYSTEM has competent engineers and well-trained carpenters to construct roof trusses for any type of structure, whether residential or commercial. From the most economical family home to the most complex residential or commercial projects, our computer-controlled saws and automated assembly equipment ensure a perfect fit and rugged reliability throughout the life of your building.


Delivery & Assembly Stage 

In roofing woodworking, the assembly stage involves constructing the various components of the roof structure, such as trusses, rafters, and decking, and then assembling them on-site to form the roof framework. This may include techniques such as framing, sheathing, and attaching roofing materials like shingles or metal panels. It’s essential to follow building codes and best practices to ensure structural integrity and weatherproofing of the roof assembly. Additionally, proper safety measures should be taken when working at heights during the assembly process.


The advantages of using wood for roofing structure

Structural Integrity: Wood is a strong and durable material, providing reliable support and stability for the roof structure.
Versatility: Wood can be easily customized and shaped to fit various architectural designs and roofing styles, allowing for flexibility in construction.
Insulation: Wood offers natural insulation properties, helping to regulate temperature and energy efficiency within the building.
Aesthetic Appeal: Wood adds warmth, charm, and natural beauty to a roof, enhancing the overall appearance of the structure.
Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource when sourced responsibly, making it an environmentally friendly choice for roofing materials.
Cost-Effectiveness: Wood is often more affordable compared to alternative roofing materials, especially for smaller-scale projects.
Ease of Installation: Wood components can be prefabricated off-site, allowing for quicker and more efficient installation on-site.
Longevity: Properly treated and maintained wood can have a long lifespan, providing lasting protection and durability for the roof.

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