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Premium Aluzinc ( 15 years Warranty)

7 benefits of Aluzinc

Why buy our Premium Aluzinc?

Extremely long useful life

The corrosion rate, i.e. the thickness of the aluminum – zinc coating that is low cost every year in a normal environment to which Aluzinc is freely exposed, is a maximum of 20% of one micron (0.2 μm). It could be therefore said in a theory that the useful of Aluzinc in a normal environment is more than 100 years. In real life Aluzinc has lasted more than 20 years in severe marin environment although in the first year the coating loses to 0.4 μm.

Low cost in relation to useful life

Due to the long useful life of Aluzinc, the total life cost of a product in Aluzinc is very low compared to other materials, including aluminium and stainless steel. You will often be able to “fit and forget”.

Protection against mechanical damage

Aluzinc can obviously be scratched and damaged mechanically, but it will still retain its good resistance to corrosion, its long useful life and its attractive surface.

Attractive silvery surface

Aluzinc has a clean, natural and bright silvery surface. The surface includes small spangles that give it a lustrous and striking appearance as light conditions change.

The surface retains its appearance

Since 80 percent of the volume of the aluminium – zinc coating is aluminium, the surface will retain it’s appearance for years, dulling off slowly, depending on atmospheric contaminants. So Aluzinc is a very appropriate material if the visible surface of a product are required to retain their appearance for a very long time.

Hard surface

The surface of Aluzinc is twice as hard as that of hotdip galvanized steel. The hard surface has high ware resistance, which increases the life length.

Good environmental choice

The long useful life of Aluzinc compared hot-dip galvanize sheet steel, offers major environmental benefits. The long useful life will enable your products to last longer and will contribute to the conservation of resources.
Steel offers three unique environmental benefits:

  • Steel always contain recycled material.
  • Steel is always 100% recyclable, and the metal coating poses no problems in remelting.
  • Steel can be made into exactly the same product again without loss of quality.