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Roof Accessories

Rain Gutter


A Rain Gutter System starts with a trough, called a gutter, which collects rainwater from the roofline of a house and diverts it away from the structure, using elbows and downspouts.  The purpose of this diversion is to prevent water flow off the roof edge which can cause structural damage over time to the walls and/or foundation of a house.
The gutter system is more important to the exterior of your home than the actual paint, siding, or even windows, because it protects your home from rot, mold, mildew, and flooding. This water damage, without a gutter system, occurs slowly, spreads quickly, and is unnoticeable until the damage repair is substantial.

Ridge Cap


Ridge Caps are narrow canals or troughs which channels and diverts rainwater from the roof. They are a major component of a roof system.
Rain gutters primarily protect a building’s foundation by channelling water away from its base.
Rain gutters also help to ease erosion, protect painted surfaces by reducing exposure to water and possibly provide a means to collect rainwater.
Our rain gutters are made from quality aluzinc and aluminium material.

Side Trim

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Metal roofing trim can give homes a finished, polished appearance with contrasting colors and interesting shapes. More importantly, this integral roof accessory provides critical protection in conjunction with metal roofing panels to strengthen and seal the entire roof. Eliminating moisture intrusion and diverting water away from a building, trim creates smooth and watertight transitions between different sections of the roof, which is critical in locations where the roof’s slope or direction changes. All of this moisture reduction reduces mold growth and decreases the risk of ceiling leaks.

Eave Trim


Metal eave trim (sometimes called eave drip) pieces redirect rain runoff away from the perimeter of the roof fascia. Interfacing with the gutter or drainage system, it is installed on the lowest point on the roof and must handle any runoff from the roof’s upslope portions. As a rule of thumb, eave trim should be installed prior to installing the roofing panels when possible. It can be installed both over and under the underlayment.

Valley Gutter


A metal valley is a pre-bent roofing material designed to protect these vulnerable areas on your roof. The metal valley is installed on top of the ice and water shield and creates a highly effective barrier and passageway to keep your roof dry and protected. While there are a number of materials that can be used in roof valleys, metal provides the most durable, longest lasting solution, our products are extremely versatile, and can be used in almost any situation and will resist damage from hail, wind, rain, and fallen debris better than alternative materials.

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