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Advantages of Plaster Boards

Clean procedure

The technique being completely dried, building a plasterboard wall means avoiding all the mess implied by masonry.


Using plasterboard is also cheaper than using other construction materials. In also involves a lower consumption of energy for heat or air conditioning.


If a classic wall weighs 44 pounds/square foot, the weight of plasterboard is four times less. The space taken up by plasterboard is a lot decreased living you with more useful area.

Environmental friendly

Plaster boards are 100% recyclable.


Right after fitting them, plaster boards can be painted or decorated as you please.


There are plaster boards specially made for curved surfaces, such as vaulted ceilings.

General Description

plasterboard is one of the world’s most widely used building materials. It is used as an interior wall and ceiling cladding on most homes and commercial buildings today. In spite of its global popularity, it is a surprisingly misunderstood product. Plasterboard is made from a gypsum core covered on both sides by heavy paper. Standard plasterboard sheets measure 2.4 metres in length by 1.2 metres in width and are 13mm thick. The edges of the board are either flat or slightly bevelled. Bevelled edges allow installers to smooth out the surface with plaster after nailing the boards to walls and ceilings and taping the edges. A professional plasterer can create a smooth finish across the widest wall or ceiling. After it is painted, the wall has a seamless appearance.

Types of Plasterboard

Standard plasterboard is fire-resistant and has very good thermal and acoustic insulating properties. It is not well-suited for use in wet areas, though, and for improved acoustic or thermal performance, other plasterboard products are also available. Each manufacturer has a different name for their specific products, but in general, some of the options include:
Flexible plasterboard for use on curved surfaces.
Water-resistant plasterboard for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other wet areas.
Acoustic plasterboard for use in home theatres or to provide soundproofing in noisy areas.
Fire resistant plasterboard is specified for use in high fire hazard areas.