Metal Frame Structure

Advantages of Metal Frame Structures

No Span Restrictions

Span restrictions are common with timber trusses, which can only span to a limited length. Steel trusses, on the other hand, have no limit when it comes to span. This makes them ideal for use in buildings where large areas have to be covered without the obstruction of structures, such as columns. Fire Resistance Steel has a higher fire resistance capacity than timber. If you are constructing your building in an area that is prone to bushfires, steel trusses are the ideal option to go for.

Pest Resistance

A common problem with timber materials is the infestation of pests, especially termites. Termites and other wood-boring pests are highly destructive and can affect the integrity of the structure. While you can always treat your wood with pest-resistant products, this would mean higher costs of maintenance. Steel roof trusses aren't susceptible to such problems.

Steel Trusses
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West African Sub Region

Our Metal Frame Structure

WESTCOAST Roofing Systems provides you with a world class modular Galvanized truss fabrications and components that are easily integrated into a wide variety of temporary and permanent structures. We are the #1 provider of Galvanized Tube truss in the Ghanaian Construction Industry and other institutions/organizations across the country and the west African sub-Region. We understand that creative ends need creative means so our dedicated team of professional designers, engineers, and architects continue to research on our products to ensure our customers get a high quality structure that will not only serve their function, but gives them value for money. All of our truss components have several innovative features that make them durable, maintainable, and easily identifiable, so wherever you are, in whatever condition nature has designed, the show will go on.

Conical Coupler Design

Any truss system is only as strong as its weakest point. WESTCOAST conical spigots and pins offer the strongest and most secure connection between components. The industry leading design distributes the pull force of the modular sections over a larger surface area, increasing the load tolerance. The conical coupler design is a must to ensure stability in the Ghana and West African climate. It withstands frequent use and makes assembly and disassembly a breeze.

Quality Material and Construction

WESTCOAST uses 6082 T6 aluminum alloy Galvanized steel for the construction of its main chords and braces. This industrial grade alloy is known for its high corrosive resistance and exceptional strength to weight ratio. The construction of our main chords and bracing is specifically designed to increase the overall strength and allow for easy sling placement.


What is the point of using the highest quality material if you are not going to hire the best craftsmen to design and fabricate it? Our 3D design team comprising of structural engineers, welders, and support staff are all dedicated to their craft and uphold the highest standards of quality control in Ghana and beyond.

Visual Identification System

Each section of truss is engraved with a unique serial number and a set of rings to differentiate thickness. 2 rings indicate a light duty main chord thickness of 2mm and 3 rings indicate a heavy duty chord thickness of 3.18mm. Labels are placed on each section of truss, showing product information and load tables, as a quick reference to enable quick and accurate assemblage.

Standard & Custom Components

Our various lengths of components fit easily with our vast assortment of accessories and corners to create the truss system that works best for you. If WESTCOAST standard line of products does not fit your vision, we have the best design team in the business that works closely with your designers to make sure you get exactly what you want delivered faster than most of our competitors can draw up a quote. WESTCOAST Truss Systems matches our European competitors in quality, designs and our Indian competitors in price, which makes us the most cost effective option on the Ghanaian the market today. Feel free to browse our website and see for yourself why WESTCOAST has become the go-to truss provider in Ghana and west Africa.

General Description

Our Light-gauge steel framing systems consist of structural frames fabricated using cold formed steel sections. They can be used throughout a structure, including load-bearing exterior walls, non-load bearing interior walls, floor joists, curtain walls and roof trusses. Their benefits include: Fast and clean construction.

Services of Westcoast Metal fabrication

Services of Westcoast Metal fabrication

WESTCOAST coated truss provides a sharp look to permanent installations, exhibitions, or advertisements. It is environmentally friendly and is applied in a thick, even coat so chipping and flaking are at a minimal, keeping the truss looking new, even if the structure is used heavily. We offer powder coating in any color to match your brand or design concept.

Inspection and Truss Repair

To ensure your purchase is maintaining its structural integrity, we offer a free 6 & 12 month inspection after the structure has been delivered. As part of this process we clean the truss and applies new inspection labels and sheets, so the products looks as good as first day it was purchase. If components are damaged, we repair or replace them. Since we manufacture all of our truss products repair or replacement of any part is seamless and can usually be done at a fraction of the price.

Training And Assistance

No matter the size of your production crew, WESTCOAST provides assistance in putting the structure together. We provide onsite training for crews, procedure guides accompanied with technical documentation, and, if need be, assistance in the erection and disassembly of the structure.

Project Category

✅Industrial building Steel Structure

✅Steel structure workshop

✅Steel Structure warehouse

✅Steel Structure School

✅Civil structure building’s

✅Agriculture steel Structures

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✅Surface Finishing


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