Stone Coated Chip Tiles (50 years Warranty)

Why Westcoast Eurotiles?
  1. Premium Quality Roofing Tiles.
  2. Color Never Fades.
  3. Safe Water Harvesting.
  4. Erosion – Resistance.
  5. Outstanding Weather Performance.
  1. It has an Aluzinc metal base and a stone coated finish.
  2. It is lighter and and easier to handle.
  3. It is designed to to be installed on a 2×2 battern system purlins.

Why buy our

Stone Coated Tiles

Unique Property Features
  • It is cost effective.
  • It has heat and sound insulation.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and shapes.
Types Available
  • Roman.
  • Classical.
  • Shingle Tile.
  • Roman Tile.
  • Big Roman Tile.
  • Milano Tile.
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WESTCOAST Stone coated Tiles has Proven in performance both Ghana and West Africa sub-Region . The roof is to resist leaking and other elements from above wind included. At its location up there, the exposure gives a harsh environment that leaves many roofing materials deteriorating with time. On the contrary, stone coated tiles remain intact and even improve with time. These tiles can resist high pressures of the wind and heavy rain. Wind uplift is well prevented using the horizontal fastening of these tiles. Panels will interlock fully leaving no weak points. Even when you want to move the tiles, it is super easy. For sure, WESTCOAST stone coated roof tiles are considered the best for what they are. They surpass other roofing tiles and materials in aspects of durability, aesthetics, performance, maintenance and sustainability.