Our Accreditations 

Local homeowners and commercial building owners know that they can count on our services. We are certified roofing company and Member of Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) . These accreditations result in a team that knows how to get a job done and is ready to do that job for you. 

🔸December 5, 2023 If you’re in the market to find the best roofing contractor in Ghana , asking questions about credentials and licensure is a great place to start. Investing in a new roof or completing a major repair is a big decision that should be carefully considered. At Westcoast Roofing, we encourage our customers to invest time in asking the right questions in order to protect their investment. Consider the following qualifications when searching for roofing companies in Ghana. 

✅  What is your full company name and physical address? If the roofing company uses a Post Office box, ask for the physical location. A roofing company that doesn’t have a physical location is a cause for concern, and you should move on. As an added step, take that name and address information and plug it into the Better Business Bureau, social media sites, and other online databases. You’ll likely find any potential red flags during these web searches. 

✅ Do you have the appropriate license to do the work? Ask the roofing contractor for license information in your state, city, and country as licensing requirements vary by location. Ask for some specifics here, including the name of the Business operations permit,Industries Experience and Data sheet of their products . After that, check with your local licensing offices to ensure that the roofer’s license is up-to-date and free of outstanding violations.   

A business license is for tax purposes and identifies the company. It mean the business has passed a test or has the qualifications to work as a roofer. Our trained professionals are License In WESTCOAST , roofing Estimators categorized alongside general Technical Support Services team and therefore are not required to have a state license apart from their qualified school Certificate and They are, however, required to carry a estimation .

Be sure to ask any WESTCOAST Estimators Technical Team And our on site Installers they will consider to share their license information with you. In addition to state licensure, there are plenty of other variables to consider when vetting a potential roofing contractor. Best Roofing Contractor In Ghana and West Africa sub-Region WESTCOAST ROOFING SYSTEMS , we have been proudly serving property owners throughout Ghana for more than a years now and Our commitment to ‘roofing done right’ has set us apart as the best roofing contractor in Ghana and west Africa sub-Region ,a distinction we work every day to uphold. If you are looking to hire a licensed, insured and highly reputable roofing contractor, you’ve come to the right place! Schedule your free time, non-obligation roofing inspect today.Allow us the opportunity to earn your business! Interested in receiving more tips information?

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